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5G/Small Cell Antenna Technology

The City of Durango has published a FAQ to help answer many of the questions that Durango residents have been asking about new cellular antennas that have been proposed.

2020 Adopted Budget

Click here to view the 2020 Adopted Budget (PDF). The document is large and may take a few minutes to download.

2019-2020 City Council Goals

City Council adopted their 2019-2020 goals at the September 3, 2019 regular meeting.

Homelessness Strategic Planning

La Plata County and the City of Durango have co-funded an effort to develop a strategic plan to identify short-, mid-, and long-term strategies to reduce homelessness in La Plata County, with a focus on areas within and around the City of Durango.

City of Durango Street Department

Table of Comparable Cities

Click here to view a chart comparing city services within Colorado (PDF).

2019 Utility Rate Changes

Housing Plan Update

View a copy of the Housing Plan (PDF). Learn more about the housing initiative.

The Comprehensive Plan 2017 update

Get all the details at this link.

City of Durango Character Districts Initiative

Learn more about this exciting project by visiting the project website: Durango Districts

Animas River Water Quality

Mountain Studies Institute (MSI) has been monitoring the water quality of the Animas River since before, during, and after the Gold King Mine release. Under a partnership between MSI and the City of Durango, MSI will continue the monitoring program in 2016 in order to understand changes in water quality during storm events and spring runoff. Water Quality information for the Animas River is available by visiting the Mountain Studies Institute website

Lake Nighthorse

Lake Nighthorse was constructed by the Bureau of Reclamation as part of the Animas La Plata (ALP) Project. The lake is full and the surface area is approximately 1,500 acres at maximum elevation and the reservoir area includes a total of approximately 5,500 acres. Lake Nighthorse is two miles from downtown Durango and provides a significant recreational amenity to the area. Find more information regarding Lake Nighthorse.

 City Projects

Website Functionality

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  • Share your perspective with the City in various surveys posted to Virtual City Hall, the City’s online forum for civic engagement.
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