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Flow Test Request Form

  1. Flow Test Request Form
  2. Contractor Checklist
  3. Given one week’s notice to Utilities Dept*
  4. Contacted a utilities supervisor. (It is the contractor's responsibility to contact the Utilities department for confirmation of flow test.) Bobby Martinez at (970)-764-7864 or Brandon Lucero at (970)764-7763*
  5. Find the fire hydrant ID using the link below. *
  6. Have made a viable point of contact to all potentially affected customers regarding cloudy or murky water ect. (At least one week in advance, Dialysis offices, Dr Office’s, Dentist offices, Restaurant’s, Food prep, ect.) (Google maps is helpful) *
  7. Know (approximately) where water will go. (Not going to damage property.)*
  8. 2.5” or 4.5” 250psi gate valve (Brass work the best) must have 1 gate valve per hydrant nozzle being flowed. Hose monster diffuser or similar, (May require a hitch mounted diffuser depending on location of flow test.)*
  9. Dechlorination tablets or a way to dechlorinate water coming out of diffuser.*
  10. Get approved traffic control plan and a revocable use of Right-of-way Permit through engineering dept (970)-375-4850 (Contractor must have permits on site or the flow test will not be conducted.)*
  11. Contacted DFPD fire Marshall Karola Hanks plenty of time in advanced (970)-382-6023 *
  12. Please provide the location of the fire hydrant that will be used for the flow test.
  13. Please describe the purpose of the flow test.
  14. Disclaimers
    Utilities crew is only responsible to open and close hydrant. Utilities crew will not do traffic control, notify customers, set up and break down equipment, read gauges, or clean up any debris that may have been washed out due to the test. Fire hydrant flow tests can be cancelled anytime by the utilities crew/supervisor due to emergency water/sewer repair, inclement weather, safety concerns, incomplete contractor checklist, or if a contractor is late (more than 15mins) to the appointment. Any last min changes on location of flow test will require a new flow test request form to be filled out and won’t be preformed. The Contractor is responsible for any and all damages or clean-up associated with the flow test. The contractor shall provide the necessary clean-up or repairs at the time of the flow test. Clean up or repairs in the City of Durango’s right of way that are not corrected immediately will be corrected by the City of Durango’s Utilities crew and charged back to the contractor. Water flow test will not be allowed to flow on to major streets without traffic control plans. By signing this form you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated for conducting a fire hydrant flow test with the city of Durango Utilities.
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  16. In accordance with the Colorado Open Records Act, this submission and all related correspondence may be subject to public disclosure.
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