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Application for Use of Fire Hydrant

  1. Contact Information
    Please carefully read and print out the bottom three forms as our Policy has changed.
  3. Acklowlegdment
    I have read the updated Policy, Rental Agreement, and Monthly Report Form and agree to abide by them. You are agreeing to the conditions of approval by submitting this form.
  4. Additional Information
    For questions and concerns regarding the updated Policy, Rental Agreement, or Monthly Report Form please call the Utilities Department at (970)375-4801
  5. Disclaimer
    Be aware the submittal of this form is not a guarantee you will receive a fire hydrant. We operate on a first-come-first-serve basis and this form is to ensure your place in the fire hydrant queue. You will be contacted once a fire hydrant becomes available. In accordance with the Colorado Open Records Act, this submission and all related correspondence may be subject to public disclosure.
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