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Poet Laureate Submission Form

  1. Mission Statement

    The Durango Poets Laureate shall act as a representative of the poetic arts through recitation of original poetry and attendance at various events and community gatherings, creation of poetry that reflects our unique past and present, and furthering Durango’s creative economy through active engagement with the community.

  2. Application Type*
  3. Poem Submissions

    Please provide 2-3 previously written poems that reflect your work. Work can also be emailed to or dropped off in person at the Durango Public Library.

  4. Please provide your responses to the following questions to apply for the Durango Poet Laureate. This form can be completed by the applicant themselves or by someone nominating an applicant. Both your poetry and your responses to these questions will be used in the Durango Poet Laureate Committee's selection process.

  5. Why do you believe you should be considered for the role of Durango Poet Laureate? Please provide specific details and examples highlighting your qualifications, achievements, and commitment to poetry and relationship to the community (maximum 250 words).

  6. How have you, or how do you envision yourself, meeting the duties and responsibilities outlined in the Poet Laureate role description(attached)? Please describe your experience in promoting poetry, community engagement, and your potential to serve as an advocate for the literary arts in Durango (maximum 250 words).  

  7. What topics/issues within the Durango community would you explore through poetry as a Poet Laureate? Please describe how your work has or will reflect the essence of Durango (maximum 250 words). 

  8. To help us refine our marketing efforts, how did you hear about this Program?

  9. Thank you for taking the time to apply for the position of  Durango Poet Laureate. Your thoughtful responses will aid the selection process and help us ensure the appointment of exceptional representatives of the poetic arts.

    Submissions will be accepted through October 16, 2023.  After review, the applicant may be invited to speak to the Committee.

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