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Owner Release of Utility Account

  1. Property Owners may use this form to appoint an authorized tenant, business, property manager, or others to receive your utility bill in their name and address. Only the Property Owner is to complete and submit this form.

    After completing this online form select Submit at the bottom of the page to send it to the City of Durango, Customer Service Finance Department. If you have questions email at

  2. Owner Options to Limit Liability

    Water, sewer, trash, recycling, and other services are tied to a property and its service address, and the owner of the property benefits from the existence of these utility services by being able to use or rent the property. It is the owner that is liable for unpaid utility accounts. As the owner, you may be able to limit your liability for utility accounts by doing one or more of the following:

    • Contractually protect your interests in a lease agreement.
    • Control and monitor the situation by reviewing the account’s utility bills for your property.
    • Choose to not release the utility bill to another person or business.
    • Contact Customer Service utility billing to ask about the status of your account being paid by another.

    I, the Property Owner as named below, would like the City of Durango utility billing for all services (e.g., water, sewer, trash, or recycling) at my below stated property location to be mailed to the appointee below.

    I as the owner of this property understand that I am responsible for all current and past due charges should the appointee fail to pay.

    I further understand that the appointee below may at any time contact the City of Durango and request their name and address to be removed from receiving your utility bill upon which the utility bill will then revert to you the property owner.

  3. Property Owner Information
  4. New Appointee and Billing Address (Change To)

    Utility bill statements generate on the 20th of each month and are for the prior month of service charges. Utility bills are not prorated for the portion of monthly service with a change request. It is the owner’s responsibility to figure a proration of service charges if desired. 

  5. Current/Previous Appointee and Billing Address (Change From)
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