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    WHEREAS, more than 208 million tons of municipal solid waste go into the nations’ landfills each year; and 

    WHEREAS, to focus the nation’s attention on the importance of recycling, businesses, industries, local state agencies, nonprofit organizations, and individuals have joined together to celebrate “America Recycles Day,” and we are encouraging their employers, staff, customers, membership, and all citizens to pledge to start or enhance recycling programs and buy recycled products on November 15; and 

    WHEREAS, participating in America Recycles Day is one way citizens can help raise awareness about the need to reduce waste by reusing, recycling, and buying recycled products; and 

    WHEREAS, recycling saves millions of dollars in disposal costs, creates jobs, and is recognized as an easy way for everyone to help protect the environment by avoiding unnecessary use of important resources; and 

    WHEREAS, state and community leaders need to spread the word about the excellent programs they have established, the growth of markets for recyclables, the importance of buying recycled products, the need to expand the collection of recyclable materials, and the benefits of investments in recycling by small and large business. 

    NOW, THEREFORE, I, [current Mayor], Mayor of Durango, Colorado, do hereby proclaim [Date or month], as [Proclamation or recognition title].

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