What should residents do if they don't have a garage or a place to store trash indoors?
Cleaning your trash container periodically with a solution of ammonia and hot water to reduce odors is helpful. Freeze particularly smelly items, (meat, fish, and fruit for instance), until the morning of trash collection and wrap tightly in plastic bags to reduce odors. If you lack a secure site to store your trash, try to be inventive in your trash storage. Bungie cords and ratchet straps sometimes work, but can be largely ineffective in keeping out a determined bear.

This ordinance does not limit time or placement of trash containers until a wildlife trash disturbance has occurred and you have received a courtesy notice of violation. If you receive a courtesy notice of violation and lack a garage, shed, or trash enclosure to store your trash, a wildlife-resistant trash container is required. Wildlife-resistant trash containers can be stored outside during the week, as long as they remain latched at all times, with the exception of being unlatched when placed curbside on the morning of trash collection.

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