Why is this ordinance necessary?
The new regulations were enacted by the City of Durango to help limit the scattering of trash and to prevent bears and other wildlife from accessing neighborhood trash. Each year in our region dozens of bears die as a result of conflicts with humans, with trash being the root cause of these conflicts. Bears in our area have come to rely on household garbage and they can become more bold and aggressive in their attempts to obtain human foods and even enter homes in search of foods.

The intent of these new laws is to encourage the proper storage of trash for the purpose of minimizing conflicts between wildlife and people. The risk to the safety of residents from bears that have grown accustomed to being around people and the unfortunate preventable deaths of bears served as the catalyst for stricter regulations after educational and lawmaking efforts in previous years proved ineffective in reducing wildlife conflicts.

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1. What are the main provisions of the wildlife ordinance?
2. Why is this ordinance necessary?
3. When did these regulations come into effect?
4. What is the penalty for a wildlife trash disturbance?
5. Who do I call if I have more questions about this ordinance?
6. Who is impacted by these new regulations?
7. Do these regulations only apply to trash strewn by wildlife?
8. Are wildlife-resistant or wildlife-proof containers required in Durango?
9. Is there a cost associated with bear-proofing a commercial dumpster?
10. What should residents do if they don't have a garage or a place to store trash indoors?
11. How do I obtain a plastic, wildlife-resistant residential trash container?
12. How do I obtain an all-metal wildlife-proof dumpster?
13. Can I construct a wildlife-resistant enclosure for my trash can or dumpster?
14. What are some other noteworthy provisions of the Wildlife Ordinance?
15. What about my bird feeder?
16. What is the penalty for feeding wildlife?
17. Can I appeal to the city if I have received a notice of violation in error?
18. Can I call to report violations of this ordinance?
19. Who do I call if I have concerns about a potentially dangerous bear?
20. Where can I find more information about bears and other wildlife?