City of Durango Water Dock Station

In order to dissuade thieves and vandals at the water dock, the City has enhanced security to include strengthening the system enclosure and installing a security camera. Cash is no longer accepted at the water dock and in order to get water, users will now have to use a water dock card. The cards are available at City Hall from 8:00am to 3:30pm, Monday - Friday.

Once a user has a card in their possession they can add money to the card, attain receipts, track purchases, and check balances at Financial amounts can be added to the card online with a credit card, or by bringing cash or check to City Hall (949 East 2nd Avenue). Any amount of money a customer wants can be added to their water dock card.

When the card is swiped at the water dock, the flow of water will begin. When the customer is finished, they press the stop button and the value of the water dispensed will be subtracted from the user's card.

Over time the magnetic strip on the back of the card will not read the water dock system reader. If you are experiencing excessive problems with your card, please visit the City Hall payments window at 949 East 2nd Avenue, Durango CO 81301.

The water dock is calibrated to function with a 2" diameter hose. The City of Durango will not be responsible for different costs and flow rates attributable to utilization of the water dock with other sizes of hoses at the discretion of the user.