Vacation Rental Map

If you cannot view the map below, please review your current browser's version. You may need to consider updating or selecting an alternate browser. Find more information about the City of Durango's Vacation Rental regulations.

The icons on this map represent all the vacation rentals that have initiated and/or completed the City of Durango permitting process. The yellow icons are the legally established, currently active vacation rentals. The others should not be operating at this time. You can click the marker for specific information about each project. If you have questions about vacation rentals please fill out the form below or contact the City of Durango Community Development Department at (970) 375-4850.


Neighbors can submit complaints about specific vacation rentals or ask questions about general compliance with adopted vacation rental standards. Community members can also submit information about a suspected non-permitted vacation rental and City staff will investigate the matter. The form below allows you to submit information directly to the City. You can submit anonymously, but if you request that someone contact you regarding the resolution of the matter you must provide a name and contact information. Submit questions or complaints about Vacation Rentals.

*Please select New Request, enter an address, select Vacation Rental-ADU Question, and fill the description.