Stormwater Management

Stormwater Master Plan Updates

The Design Criteria Manual Cost Analysis, latest version of the workbook, and helpful handouts on the workbook can be found below:

View the Cost Analysis, Workbook, and Handouts (PDF)

The updated Storm Drainage Design Criteria Manual, effective October 30, 2018 is available below.

View the Stormwater Master Plan Here (PDF)

Stormwater Quality Program

The City of Durango is required to permit, regulate and enforce best management practices to ensure that all rivers and streams are protected from construction site stormwater run-off.

All construction in the City of Durango that will disturb one (1) acre of land or more will require a City of Durango Stormwater Quality Permit.

Development Standards and Construction Specifications (PDF)

Stormwater Permit Forms

Capture_thumb.pngThe City of Durango MS4 Program Description Document (PDD) is publicly available upon request.

Stormwater Resources