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National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project: September 10-14

A volunteer counts bike and ped trafficEvery other year, in accordance with the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project, the City of Durango performs counts of bicyclists and pedestrians.

Having accurate data helps the City of Durango know how our infrastructure is being used and is necessary to secure grant funding for projects such as sidewalk repair, bicycle facilities, and transit system improvements. 

To conserve costs and encourage citizen participation, volunteers are recruited to conduct the actual counting. With four days of counting at 11 different locations around Durango, there is a total of 77 slots that need to be filled by volunteers and staff.

Click here to volunteer for one (or more!) of the count locations!

How will the counts be used?

  • To establish a National Database of bicycle and pedestrian count information generated by these consistent methods and practices
  • Begin analysis on the correlations of bicycle and pedestrian activity and local characteristics
  • Data to strengthen grants for bicycle and pedestrian related funding
  • Performance Measures for the Multimodal Transportation Plan

Download the 2019 Volunteer Packet and Instructions here

For more information, call (970) 375-4901 or email


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