Streets Division

The City of Durango maintains 83 center lane miles of roadway. This includes major and minor arterial streets, collector streets, and local neighborhood streets. To maintain the streets in the most efficient manner, the Street Department needs approximately five million dollars per year. This need is comprised of two general categories: Street Operations and Street Capital Improvement Projects. Street Operations and Street Capital Improvement Projects include many different items.

Street Operations include:

Street Striping

Street striping includes center lines and lane lines on city streets and is done twice a year, in the spring and fall. Press releases are issued to inform residents of the start dates. During street striping motorists are asked to avoid driving across wet paint, to obey traffic controls, and to be aware of workers in the streets. Crews usually work from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Street Cleaning

Street cleaning usually begins soon after spring arrives. A press release will be issued to inform residents of the start date. Street sweeping is scheduled on the day after regularly scheduled trash collection in residential neighborhoods. A street that is on the Friday trash collection schedule would be swept on the following Monday. The sweeper may not sweep every street in a trash collection zone every week. However, streets that are missed one week will be swept the following week. The city is asking for residents' cooperation in moving their cars off streets on street sweeping day in their area.

Street Capital Improvement Projects include:

  • Street Reconstruction
  • Overlay
  • Thin Overlay
  • Seal Coats
  • Alley Paving
  • Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Ramp Construction
  • The 50/50 Sidewalk Program

As a result of the requirement to submit a balanced budget, included in the 2019 City Budget is $2,911,036 for Street Operations. In the 2019 budget, there is $0 for Street Capital Improvement Projects. The need for Street Capital Improvement Projects is demonstrated in the third section below.

Get more details on the Street Capital Improvement Projects.



Street Operations: Street Maintenance: $1,839,497

Street Operations: Snow and Ice: $708,767

Street Operations: Street Cleaning: $362,772

Streets Capital Improvement Projects: $0

Total 2019 Street Budget Expenses: $2,911,036


Spring and Fall Cleanup Fees: $190,000

Highway Use and Fuel Tax revenue: $515,000

Total Revenue: $705,000

Total General Fund Contribution to the Streets Division: $2,206,036

The 2019 adopted budget results in deferred maintenance and delays in large capital projects, such as road reconstructions.