E-Bike Rebates

State of Colorado Community Access to Electric Bicycles Rebate Program

Colorado's Community Access to Electric Bicycles rebate program provides point-of-sale discounts on e-bikes to income-eligible applicants. Application windows will open on a monthly basis, and then awards will be given out using a lottery system. If you miss the application window for a given month, be sure to check back and try again when the next month's window opens.

LPEA Rebates

Do you pay an LPEA electricity bill? If so, you can also apply for additional e-bike rebates through LPEA!

City of Durango E-Bike Rebate Program

The 2023 rebate application window has CLOSED and program funds have been fully allocated. Announcements will be made if additional program funding can be secured for 2024 - please check back again!

Questions? Call: 970-375-5061 ¿Necesita ayuda en Español? Llamar: 970-375-4855 (this number is for help with Spanish speaking applicants only)

Program Goals

  1. Encourage continued adoption of e-bikes as a transportation option in order to reduce strain on parking and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Provide a low-cost option for transportation independence compared to traditional vehicles.

Participating Bike Shops

The point-of-sale discount rebates (higher amount) can be claimed at the following bike shops in town. Post-purchase reimbursement rebates (lower amount) can be claimed on a purchase from any location: in-town, out-of-town, or online. Remember, you must get a voucher BEFORE purchasing in order to use the rebate.

  • 2nd Ave. Sports
  • Go Play Durango
  • Four Corners RV / E-Bike Durango
  • Mountain Bike Specialists
  • Pedal The Peaks
  • San Juan Cycles
  1. Individuals
  2. Businesses / Non-Profits

Rebate Amounts

General applicants: $300 point-of-sale rebate if purchased from participating local bike shop. $150 post-purchase reimbursement rebate if purchased from anywhere else.

Income-qualified applicants: Rebates range from $500 to $1,550 depending on income level and where the bike is purchased. More information can be found on the application.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Voucher applications must be submitted by 5:00 PM on May 12, 2023. Voucher recipients will be notified shortly after.
  • Applications are not first-come first-serve. All applications received during the open application window will be treated equally.
  • Only one application per family household, meaning people that live together and share family finances. Unrelated roommates that are not financially dependent on one another are not considered a family household. Individuals who are related to one another but live in separate homes and are not financially dependent on one another are not considered a family household.
  • E-bikes must be purchased AFTER the voucher is awarded. Rebates cannot be applied to bikes purchased before the date the voucher is issued.
  • E-bikes must be purchased and any rebate reimbursement requests submitted before Aug. 31, 2023. If any funds remain after Aug. 31, a lottery will be used to award any remaining rebates.
  • Bikes are not for re-sale and serial numbers will be collected.
  • Rebate recipients will be expected to take part in the City of Durango’s new trip-logging app, otherwise known as the Way to Go! Club, to measure the effectiveness of the rebate program.
  • Additional requirements and evaluation criteria will apply for income-qualified applications.
  • Rebate vouchers can be used to buy a new e-bike from any location (including online), but the rebate value is higher for purchases made at participating local bike shops (more information will be provided on the rebate vouchers when awarded).
  • Program funding may only be used for the purchase of class 1 and class 2 e-bikes. Electric motors must be 750 watts or less.
  • Full-suspension e-mountain-bikes are NOT eligible for rebates.
  • Other rebate programs may be utilized in conjunction with this program (such as LPEA’s rebate or state of CO rebates).
  • For income-qualified rebates, e-bikes must cost less than $2,100 for standard e-bikes; less than $2,500 for e-cargo-bikes; no cost limit for disability-supportive equipment such as trikes. No e-bike cost limit for general applicants.
  • General applicant rebates can only be used on the purchase of an e-bike. Income-qualified rebates can also be used to cover the cost of accessories including helmet, bike racks, bike bags (panniers), bike locks, tire pumps, bike lights, bar mitts, or replacement batteries - receipts for purchases must all be submitted on a single rebate form. More information will be provided on the rebate voucher when awarded.

Voucher Application Forms

The voucher application window closed at 5:00 PM on May 12, 2023.

Durango's e-bike rebate program is funded through the Lodger's Tax City Council Discretionary Fund and through a matching Office of Innovative Mobility (OIM) grant received from the State of Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).