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Councilors have directed staff to seek ways to enhance the city's customer ser3-14-23 city civic center public meeting Opens in new windowvice by consolidating various departments into a centrally located Civic Center at the former Durango School District 9-R property, which encompasses the former administration building at 201 E. 12th St., and Big Picture High School at 215 E. 12th St. Existing buildings such as City Hall, River City Hall, the Police Department and Carnegie are space-constrained, have limited seating and outdated technology. The potential repurposing of the historic property may also include community space.  Click here to view the presentation at the 3-14-23 open house or on the image to the right.

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It is the vision of the city that the development of a Civic Center at the former Durango School District 9-R property will provide for Durango's future while leveraging assets from Durango's past. In addition, it would create a municipal center that can be versatile enough to meet the growing needs of the city of Durango and its community. 

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