Parking Study

The purpose of Durango’s Parking Future is to develop a plan that guides Durango’s parking environment for the next 20 years. This comprehensive plan will address our parking options and requirements to take into consideration expected changes in transportation, housing and visitation to Durango.   


Building on the city's existing parking conditions and feedback from the community in identifying current challenges and opportunities, we have collected a broad range of potential strategies for your additional input. 

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The above video is a presentation made at a public meeting held on September 13, 2022, detailing results from Durango's Parking Future's first survey. 

Project Objectives


Engage with the Community
A community supported vision for parking incorporates goals identified by those who interact with the transportation system on a day-to-day basis. 


Evaluate Durango's Parking Program
Evaluate the existing parking system's ability to meet future transportation needs and identify key performance indicators that will support data-informed decisions. 


Identify Key Short-Term Actions
The Plan will identify near-term actions the City can take to improve the use and experience of the parking & transportation system. 


Transportation Demand Management Solutions
The Plan will identify complimentary transportation demand management strategies to support eh parking program and support eh City's overall transportation options. 


Budgeting for Success
Strategies presented in the Plan will include budget priorities and recommendations. 

planDevelop Parking Management Plan
Incorporate feedback and analysis to develop comprehensive parking for the City of Durango.