UPDATED MAY 18, 2022 at 12:00pm

An emergency water line repair is occurring in the alley south of W. 29th St. between W. 2nd Ave. and Main Ave. Water service will be momentarily interrupted. This will be affecting business and homes within the area. Please reference the map below for the location of the emergency water line repair.

Crews are on scene and will remain until the emergency water line repair has been completed, and water restored. Unfortunately, with the nature of construction, we do not have an estimated time when the emergency water line repair will be completed, and water restored.

Drivers, bikers and pedestrians are encouraged to exercise caution, follow all construction signage and flagger instructions.

If there are any questions/concerns, please call the City of Durango Utilities Department at (970)375-4801. If you cannot get a hold of someone within the city and have an emergency, please call Dispatch at (970)385-2900

Crews are working in this area and may expand the water service interruption to stop water flow. If you are within the affected area, we greatly appreciate your patience with us at this time