Face Covering FAQ

Durango face covering graphic
  • What is the face covering order? 
  • Who is required to wear a face covering?  
    • Everyone is required to wear a face covering when in public where 6 feet of distance can not be maintained. Exceptions exist for persons 3 years of age or younger or those whom are unable due to an existing health issue or impairment.  
  • Where am I required to wear a face covering?  
    • Any publicly accessible place, either indoor or outdoor. This includes City owned or operated facilities, businesses where sales or services are being provided, on public transportation, and in any other public space such as parks, open space or elsewhere within the City where distancing can not be observed.
  • How will the Order be enforced? 
    • The City will attempt to seek voluntary compliance through education and warning notices prior to the issuance of any citations. Compliance with this Order may be enforced under Sections 1-16 and 9-9 of the City Code. In addition, the City may pursue suspension or revocation of a business license under Section 13-8 of the Municipal Code, or it may pursue any other legal remedy to secure enforcement. 
  • I own or manage a business and am still not clear on requirements for businesses to be able to open and operate under the Governor’s and local health orders. Where can I find information about that? 
    • You can find guidance for businesses, including a link to a self-certification form ensuring you have measures in place for social distancing, from San Juan Basin Public Health. 
  • Can a business refuse service to someone not wearing a face covering?  
    • Yes, however, reasonable efforts to promote compliance among customers should first be made. If someone becomes disruptive, or if there is fear for the safety of staff and others, please call the police at 911 in case of emergency or 970-385-2900 if it is a non-emergency. 
  • Where can I find more information about City of Durango services during the pandemic? 
  • Where can I find more information about health services in La Plata and Archuleta counties?