Library Card Requirements

Library Cards

Residents who regularly reside in La Plata County, including those who own property in the County but may not live here year-round, may be issued a library card.  Before a card can be issued, each individual (or a juvenile’s parent or guardian) needs to show the following: 

  1. Photo Identification
  2. Proof of Address
  3. Courtesy Card

Valid Photo Identification (not expired) may include: 

  • Driver’s license 
  • Colorado ID card (issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles)
  • Passport 
  • U.S. military ID 
  • Other photo ID that lists a birth date 
  • Matricula Consular card (address on the card cannot be used as proof of a local address) 
  • High School/Middle School photo ID – Animas, Bayfield, Durango, or Ignacio high schools/middle schools, or Colorado Timberline Academy 
  • Fort Lewis College ID, validated for the current semester

 In addition, the following non-photo identification forms are also acceptable:

  • Medicare or Medicaid card 
  • Certified copy of birth certificate 
  • Certified documentation of naturalization