Community Special Events

Do You Want to Hold a Special Event?

For the following City of Durango Community Special Event information: 

  • Special Activities Permit application, 
  • Banner Permit application, 
  • Equipment Request form 
  • Durango Film Registration Information
  • Adverstising Suggestions and more, 

Visit: Hold a Community Special Event.

For a list of what is happening in Durango, visit:

If you are having a small event that uses City property, such as a City Park or Trail that will NOT involve alcohol, a sporting/competitive event or structures of any kind, you will only need a Park and Trail Permit.  For questions on whether you need a Special Activities Permit or a park permit, you can email Parks and Recreation Administration Office or call (970) 375-7321. 

Parks and Recreation Community Special Events

Durango Parks and Recreation organizes and hosts an assortment of Community Special Events for all ages and varying interests.

For more information regarding Durango Parks and Recreation Special Events, please contact Holden Randle or at (970) 375-7317.