Current Projects

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Program Neighborhood Meeting

The City of Durango is hosting an open house for the community to learn about and give feedback on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in the community. The City’s ADU Program was launched over four years ago. Now, City staff would like to gather input from residents on how well the program is working as currently designed and discuss the possibility of adjusting certain standards related to ADUs in Durango. The meeting is scheduled for:

Monday, March 4th, 2019 from 5:30 to 7:00PM

Family Friendly and Snacks Provided

All interested citizens are invited to attend to learn about ADUs in Durango and discuss potential changes to the existing program. The ADU Program is one strategy mentioned in the City’s recently-adopted Housing Plan. The goals of the Housing Plan are to:

• Increase affordable housing options for all residents.

• Create market-friendly policies and regulatory changes.

• Make 1,000 housing units long-term affordable by the year 2040.

• Prioritize density and infill development.

• Establish a permanent housing trust fund.

• Establish a land banking program.


Construction has started for the Downtown Durango Hotel (E 2nd Avenue between E 4th and E 5th Streets). The City will utilize this web page to provide up to date information on the construction process. If you would like additional information on this project, call (970)-375-4850.

On-Site Excavation, Shoring and Dirt Hauling
Now that the E 2nd Avenue/College Drive signal is completed, the City has issued an On-Site Excavation and Shoring Permit that allows the development team to start hauling dirt from the site and start shoring up the alley.

The full trucks will leave the site on E 2nd Avenue and go down to the new signal at E 2nd Avenue and College Drive. They will turn left onto College Drive and head west towards Camino del Rio. Once at the highway, they will turn left and head south on the Highway. Empty trucks will utilize 8th Avenue to College Drive and will turn left from College Drive onto E 2nd Avenue to access the site. Depending upon the weather, the hauling will take a few months.


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