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Taxiway A Reconstruction Project - currently underway:

Click here for important information regarding the current taxiway reconstruction project at DRO.

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Hangar owners enter in to a Ground Lease agreement with DRO. Any new construction, new leases, re-assignment of leases, or subleases are required to be approved by the Director of Aviation. Security badges are required for unescorted access to hangars. Contact Administration at (970) 382-6051 for more information.

CLICK HERE to see a list of properties for sale, or wanted.  There may be properties available which have not been submitted here.

If you have a hangar available for sale or to sublease, you are invited to email your information to , and we will include it in this listing.


UNESCORTED ACCESS to airport grounds is not allowed unless you have a current General Access (GA) Badge. Please ensure that you renew your badge BEFORE it expires. Application forms are available in the Administration Office at the main terminal, and at ARFF (970-759-4342). Please go to our Security Badge page.


Airports are required to keep an updated list of all hangar owners and tenants, including their aircraft information. Please notify Airport Administration immediately of any changes at your hangar.

  • Hangar owners must contact Airport Administration when selling or subleasing a hangar, to complete paperwork for us, (970) 382-6051.


Please ensure that your liability insurance on your hangar is kept up-to-date, and that a copy of the current certificate is sent to Airport Administration each year when the policy is renewed.

  • This insurance must include fire coverage. Please refer to your hangar lease for more information.
  • The City of Durango and La Plata County jointly own the airport and grounds. As such, both entities must be listed as "additional insureds" on your hangar policy. You may have your insurance agent contact Airport Administration at (970) 382-6051 for more information.


Hangar owners are responsible for some of the maintenance around their property. Please refer to your lease agreement, or contact us if you notice any areas which need some attention. We'll be happy to help determine how they should be addressed.

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