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Conserve Water
Small Changes Residents Can Make
  • Reset your automatic sprinklers to reduce the time per zone by just a few minutes. Reducing the time per zone from 15 minutes to 12 minutes is a 20% reduction!
  • Take your car to the carwash instead of washing it in your driveway. It uses less water and you are supporting a local business.
  • When doing laundry, always wash full loads
  • Shorten your shower by a minute or two. Setting a timer may help.
  • Use a broom instead of a hose to clean off driveways and sidewalks
  • Report water theft from fire hydrants. Call non-emergency dispatch at 970-385-2900 with a description of the vehicle and license plate number.
  • Know where your master water shut-off valve is located. This could save water and prevent damage to your home.
  • If your toilet was installed before 1992, insert a displacement device in the tank (try wrapping a brick in aluminum foil)
  • If you are staying in one of our local hotels, re-use your towels instead of having them replaced daily.
Want to do more?
  • Only water between the hours of 6 p.m. and 10 a.m. – not during the heat of the day when much of it evaporates
  • Grab a wrench and fix that leaky faucet
  • Spread a layer of mulch around trees, bushes and plants to help retain the moisture and discourage weeds
  • Install a rain sensor on your irrigation controller
  • Retrofit sprinkler heads in landscaping with micro sprinkler and/or drip irrigation
  • Install water saving aerators on your showerheads and faucets
  • Compost food waste instead of using the garbage disposal
Want to do even more?
  • If you hand water , install a drip irrigation system on a timer
  • Use native or drought tolerant plants in your landscaping
  • Maybe it’s time to replace that old washer with an energy efficient model. Conventional washers built before 2011 typically use about 40 gallons per load, whereas a newer, energy efficient model may only use 15 gallons. Front loading machines generally use less water than a top-loading model.
  • Replace older toilets with low-flow toilets. Some older toilets use as much as 7 gallons per flush. Look for the EPA WaterSense program label for a toilet that only uses 1.26 gallons per flush.
For more information,
please contact the
Utilities Department:

(970) 375-4801
8am to 4pm
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