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Way to Go! Together Commuter Benefit Program

The purpose of Way to Go! Together is to encourage mode shift away from single-occupant vehicles (SOV); promote a healthy community in Durango; and enhance workplace wellness. SME small.JPG

Mode shift occurs when people normatively choose a sustainable mode of transportation over driving their car. The impacts on the community can include:
  • Reduced traffic congestion
  • Reduced parking issues
  • Improved community air quality
  • Improved health
  • Savings in transportation costs.
Adding activities such as walking and bicycling to daily routines has been proven to increase individual health in a number of ways, including:
  • Reduced obesity
  • Less stress
  • Reduced risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, joint pain and more.
Workplace wellness can be improved when employees are encouraged to choose a more active form of transportation over driving. Benefits include:
  • Happier, higher performing staffs with less absenteeism
  • Lower healthcare costs to employers
  • Improved employee health and wellness -- fewer sick days
  • Builds camaraderie among employees. 
stoneage.jpgEmployers can have a significant hand in this behavior change, and Way to Go! Together is the perfect tool to help employers incentivize sustainable transportation options in their organizations.

Through Way to Go! Together the City of Durango's Multimodal team will examine the "commute-ability" of each company's location, determine where barriers may exist to transportation modes and help develop cost effective solutions to meet employees' needs through individualized commute plans. The program provides employers with options for employee incentives, as well as provides travel training for employees geared specifically to each company's location. 

Way to Go! Together provides initial surveys and evaluations which are used to identify the transportation and mobility needs for each organization, and helps create individualized commute plans for employees. 

Way to Go! Together allows organizational team leaders to create their own profiles and personalized incentive programs on the Way to Go! Club website. Each employee has their own Way to Go! Club account, accruing points and redeeming prizes as they choose. Team leaders can keep track of their organization's collective trips made, miles traveled, mode traveled and CO2 emissions saved.

Are you ready to walk and roll with your co-workers? 

Step One: Select a person from your organization to be the Team Leader. This person will serve as the point of contact for our staff and will help the program "stick" at your local organization.
Step Two: Complete an Employer Assessment and email to . We will contact you to get you started!
Step Three: Enroll your organization in the Way to Go! Club for free here. You will need to have an individual Way to Go! Club account if you don't already.
Step Four: Come to one of our quarterly breakfasts to network and learn more about improving your commuter program!

Quarterly Way to Go! Together Meetings

First Quarter
Wednesday, January 25, 8-9 AM
at the Smiley Cafe, 1309 East 3rd Avenue
 Making Your Workplace Commuter Friendly
Learn key steps to improving commuter options at your workplace and get an introduction to the features of the Way to Go! Club website.

Second Quarter
Friday, April 28, 8:45-9:45 AM at First National Bank Community Room, 259 West 9th Street
Topic: Give Me A (Tax) Break: Implementing Commuter Tax Benefits in Your Workplace
Learn about transportation fringe benefits that allow employers to reimburse employees for commuting expenses; employer transportation tax benefits; evaluating active transport benefits and cost.

Third Quarter
Wednesday, July 26, 8-9 AM at Carver Brewing Company, 1022 Main Avenue
Topic: Walk the Talk: Encouraging Active Transportation at Work
Learn strategies to encourage active transportation in your workplace, including walking meetings, commuter challenges, easy facility improvements and more.

Fourth Quarter
Friday, October 20, 1-3 PM at Carnegie Building North Conference Room, 1188 East 2nd Avenue
Topic: Love Your Commute
Learn from City staff, Local First staff and your fellow, local businesses as we look at best practices, successes and failures of your commuter programs. Have a discussion about the needs and issues you face and how we can improve the program. We will finish with a tour of the Smiley Building to see firsthand how they have implemented commuter and sustainability facility improvements.

Contact us with questions or comments! 
(970) 375-4955 or email