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Stormwater Management Inspection Requirements
Stormwater Management Plan Inspection Requirements
Inspections shall be completed on a form provided by the City.

Active Sites
For sites where construction has not been completed, the permittee shall make a thorough inspection of their stormwater management system at least every 14 days and after any precipitation or snow-melt event that causes surface erosion.
  1. The construction site perimeter, disturbed areas and areas used for material storage that are exposed to precipitation shall be inspected for evidence of, or the potential for, pollutants entering the drainage system. Erosion and sediment control measures identified in the SWMP shall be observed to ensure that they are operating correctly.
  2. Based on the results of the inspection, the description of potential pollutant sources, and the pollution prevention and control measures that are identified in the SWMP shall be revised and modified as appropriate as soon as practicable after such inspection. Modifications to control measures shall be implemented in a timely manner, but in no case more than 7 calendar days after the inspection.
  3. The operator shall keep a record of inspections. Any incidence of non-compliance, such as uncontrolled releases of mud or muddy water or measurable quantities of sediment found off the site, shall be recorded with a brief explanation as to the measures taken to prevent future violations, as well as any measure taken to clean up the sediment that has left the site. After adequate measures have been taken to correct any problems, or where a report does not identify any incidents of non-compliance, the report shall contain a signed certification indicating the site is in compliance. This record shall be made available to the State of Colorado Water Quality Control Division upon request.

Completed Sites

For sites where all construction activities are completed but final stabilization has not been achieved due to a vegetative cover that has been planted but has not become established, the permittee shall make a thorough inspection of their stormwater management system at least once every month. When site conditions make this schedule impractical, permittees may petition the State of Colorado Water Quality Control Division to grant an alternate inspection schedule. These inspections must be conducted in accordance with paragraphs 1), 2), and 3) above.

Winter Conditions
Inspections, as described above, will not be required at sites where snow cover exists over the entire site for an extended period, and melting conditions do not exist. This exemption is applicable only during the period where melting conditions do not exist. Regular inspections, as described above, are required at all other times.