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Single Stream Recycling
Since 2013, the City of Durango has offered Single Stream recycling, meaning that all recyclables except glass can be combined in ONE container and you spend less time sorting materials at home.

Download the City of Durango Single Stream Recycling Guidelines here.

Accepted Products

  Single Stream Acceptable Material

  • Ensure all containers are empty and rinsed
  • Place Single Stream materials in container loose and un-bagged*
*Shredded paper (long-shred only) is the only product that will be accepted in a plastic bag.

Click here for more information on recycling plastics.

Products Not Accepted

Not Acceptable

Single Stream Recycling Pickup
Residential: Curbside Single Stream recycling services are provided to City of Durango Residents through the Residential Curbside Recycling program.
If you currently receive City water, sewer and trash services but do not have a blue curbside recycling container, sign up to receive your free container here.

Commercial: Single Stream recycling is also available for businesses and multi-family housing through the City's Commercial Recycling program

Single Stream Recycling Drop-off
Properly prepared Single Stream materials are accepted at the Durango Recycle Center, 710 Tech Center Drive.
City residents with a current residential utility bill may drop off extra Single Stream materials free of charge.
Non-City residents may drop off Single Stream material for $4 per 60 gallons.
Businesses may drop off Single Stream material for $4 per cubic yard.

City of Durango Single Stream Recycling Guidelines:
Single Stream Recycling Guidelines