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Commercial River Outfitters
RaftingThe purpose of the Commercial River Outfitter Permit is to enable the city to work with the commercial river outfitter companies to minimize the industry’s impacts on the community, while maintaining the industry’s viability.

Durango Permited River Outfitters for 2017 are:
(companies will be added as permits are issued)
  1. 4 Corners Riversports and Paddle School: (Kayaking) 970.259.3893, 4Corners Riversports Email
  2. Adaptive Sports Association: non-profit 970.259.0374, Adaptive Sports Assoc. Email
  3. Animas River Company: (Rafting) dba 4 Corners Whitewater 970.259.4608, Animas River Company Email
  4. Duranglers Inc: (Anglers/Fishing) 970.385.4081, Duranglers Email
  5. Durango Rivertrippers: (Rafting) 970.259.0289, Durango Rivertrippers Email
  6. Frying Pan Anglers, dba San Juan Anglers: (Anglers/Fishing) 970.382.9978, San Juan Angler Email
  7. Heads Up Fly Fishing: (Anglers/Fishing) 970.946.9313, Heads Up Fly Fishing Email
  8. Mild 2 Wild Rafting: (Rafting) 970.247.4789, Mild 2 Wild Rafting Email
  9. Mountain Waters Rafting & Adventure Company: (Rafting) 970.259.4191, Mountain Waters Rating Email
  10. Outlaw Tours Rafting, dba Colorado Outback Adventures: (Rafting) 970.903.3266, Colo Outback Adventures Email
  11. Southwest Raft and Jeep: (Rafting) 970.259.8313, SW Raft and Jeep Email
  12. Southern Rockies Addiction Treatment Services: (Paddling) 970.403.4827, Southern Rockies Addiction Treatment Services Email

Designated Put-in & Take-out for Commercial Outfitters
  • 33rd Street and East 3rd Avenue
  • 29th Street and East 3rd Avenue
  • 9th Street and Roosa Avenue
  • Santa Rita Park; Cundiff Park
  • High Bridge
  • Dallabetta Park

Listed below are river access / circulation maps for the 33rd Street put-in and the 29th Street put-in at Memorial Park.

River Outfitters are required annually to submit a Commercial River Outfitter Permit Application to the Parks and Recreation Department prior to the first commercial trip of the season.

At the end of the boating season, the city requests each outfitter to fill out the Animas River Utilization Report.
  • River Utilization Report

  • Required permit submittal includes:
  • Commercial River Outfitter Application
  • Colorado State Parks River Outfitter License
  • Certificate of Insurance Naming the City as Additional Insured
  • City of Durango Business License
  • City of Durango Special Use Permit (when applicable).

An annual permit fee is also require