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Scholarships are available for children (17 and under) or adults and seniors with disabilities if they meet the qualification listed below.  Please note qualifications are not the same for both groups.

*At this time scholarship is only available to families that live within City Limits. If you are unsure if you live within City Limits please contact the Administrative Office at (970) 375-7321 or by email.

At the time of registration 50% payment is required, and no more than $100 in scholarship funds may be used per child per year.

Scholarship for Children
Children 17 & under required verification in one of the following financial assistance programs (Please provide a copy of verification): 
  • La Plata County Department of Human Services: Women, Infants, and Children Program
  • Food Stamps Program
  • 9 - R Free and Reduced Meal Program
  • Medicaid
Scholarship for Adults and Seniors with Disabilities
Adults or Seniors must show proof of Social Security Disabilities Benefits verification letter to receive scholarship. $100.00 in scholarship funds may be used per Adult or Senior per year. 

Scholarship Exemptions
All team-fee programs require full payment and are not eligible for scholarships.

Payments Accepted
Cash, check, money order, and credit cards are accepted. Payment plans are not permitted.

For more information, please contact the Administrative Office at (970) 375-7321 or by email.