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Teaching Responsibilities and Choices to Kids (TRACK)
As a result of federal and state government mandates, an educational program has been developed through the efforts of the Durango Police Department, La Plata County Sheriff's Office, and School District 9-R.

This core program is directed at fifth grade classes in School District 9-R.

The school resource officer in coordination with the classroom teacher and school counselor, teaches one lesson per week. Lessons include discussions, role playing, group activities, and videos. Homework will be assigned. The course is followed by health curriculum.

Lesson Details
Lesson Number Description
  • Introduces the rights of students and the responsibilities associated with those rights
  • Provides students with basic alcohol and drug information, as well as an in-depth investigation of nicotine
  • Discusses stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, chemicals and their physical and mental effects
  • Uses the information from Lesson 2 as a foundation
  • Examines the physical effects of alcohol, adrenaline, marijuana, and inhalants
  • Helps students apply the decision-making process by evaluating the consequences of their actions
  • Discusses the major sources of pressure, including mass media communications
  • Helps students understand and recognize the influence of the media, and how it may affect their views on drugs and violence
  • Examines ways to deal with peer pressure
  • Explores passive, aggressive, and assertive responses
  • Focuses on reducing violence and bullying by identifying nonviolent ways of dealing with anger and disagreement