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Licensing of Marijuana Businesses
Application Process

Marijuana business licensing requires both City and State approval, which is initiated at the local level by first obtaining a Limited Use Permit (LUP) from the City of Durango Community Development Department, 1235 Camino del Rio, Durango, CO 81301, phone (970) 375-4850.

Steps for obtaining an LUP:
1)  Schedule a pre-application meeting with Community Development staff.
2)  Go through the LUP process and receive a Limited Use Permit from the Community Development Department for the proposed location.

Once you have received the LUP, proceed through these additional marijuana licensing application steps:
3)  Apply for and complete the State of Colorado Marijuana licensing application process.
4)  Apply for and complete the City of Durango Marijuana licensing application process. Incomplete applications will not be accepted in the City Clerk’s Office.
5 ) Appear at a scheduled hearing before the Durango Local Licensing Authority.


City of Durango Retail Marijuana Establishment License Application
Medical Marijuana License Application
Marijuana Report of Change Application
Landlord's Consent Affidavit

Governing Documents

Land Use & Development Marijuana Business Guidebook (Limited Use Permit)
Retail Marijuana Ordinance O-2014-32
Medical Marijuana Ordinance O-2014-36 (excludes MU-N)
Medical Marijuana Ordinance O-2014-27 
Durango Local Licensing Authority Ordinance O-2014-28
Marijuana Fees Resolution R-2014-24

For Further Information
Contact the Durango City Clerk’s Office at (970) 375-5010 for additional information.
Colorado Department of Revenue Marijuana Enforcement Division website