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Planning Commission
Commission Overview
The purpose of the Durango Planning Commission, which consists of lay citizens that represent the public interest of the city, is to make recommendations to the City Council regarding growth, development, and redevelopment in Durango as well as oversee the policies set forth in the Land Use and Development Code.

The commission also conducts public meetings and hearings to review land use and development applications, considers administrative staff recommendations and public comments, and reviews and recommends on the adoption of amendments to the Durango Comprehensive Plan.

At a Glance
Specifications Details
Established by Chapter 27, 1-18 of the City Code
Number on Board Five members and one alternate
Length of Term Three years, staggered
Council Liaison None
Regular Meeting Time Fourth Monday of every month at 6:00 pm
Regular Meeting Location City Council Chambers

Public Hearings
The commission holds regularly scheduled public hearings as required by the Land Use and Development Code (LUDC) to review and receive public comment. The commission makes its findings based on criteria in the LUDC, and makes recommendations to the City Council to approve, approve with conditions, or deny an application.

Public hearings which involve applications such as rezones, special or conditional uses, subdivision plans and plats, or plans for development in a planned development district, etc., are quasi-judicial in character. Commission recommendations are based on applicable criteria, as set forth in the LUDC, after consideration of evidence and/or testimony presented, including but not limited to the following:
  • Conformance with this code and adopted plans, standards, and policies
  • Planning staff recommendations
  • City department or agency review comments
  • Public comment (testimony) and any relevant evidence presented at a hearing
  • Effects of the proposal on the neighborhood, area, and/or community at large

Current Members
Name Appointed Term Expires
Jason Cross 03/05/2018 01/31/2021
Peter Tregillus 02/23/2016 01/31/2019
Kevin Hall, Director of Planning and Community Development NA NA
Elsa Jagniecki 02/07/2017 01/31/2019
Joe Lewandowski 02/07/2017 01/31/2020
Kim Baxter, Alternate 03/05/2018 01/31/2021
Geoff Hickcox 02/07/2017 01/31/2020
Jackie Cox, Staff  NA NA