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City of Durango News Flash

Posted on: October 2, 2018

City Begins Fall Cleanup October 8th – Leaves and tree trimmings accepted

The City of Durango Fall Cleanup will begin Fall Cleanup on Monday, October 8th and continue until November 2nd, 2018. Crews will be moving through the residential neighborhoods picking up the following materials:

  • Tree trimmings and branches less than 8 feet in length and less than 8 inches in diameter
  • Bagged or boxed loose brush and leaves.

No other waste will be accepted and this service is available for City residents only.

Material placed by non-residents or outside of designated pickup times is considered Illegal Dumping and citations will be issued without warning. If you observe Illegal Dumping in your neighborhood, please report it to City of Durango Code Enforcement at 375-4930 or www.durangogov.org/AskDurango. For illegal dumping in progress, please try to obtain a description and license plate and call 385-2900.

Residents are asked to place materials in the alley for collection, or curbside in areas of town where there are not alleys. Bagged or boxed leaves and tree trimmings should be set out on the weekend before your area is scheduled for collection. Once crews collect along your street, they will not return. No more than two truckloads will be picked up from each residence.

To assist the City crews, residents are also asked to place items at least two feet from fences, trees, bushes, gas meters, hydrants, power poles and connection boxes as heavy equipment is used to load waste into trucks. Please also be careful not to block driving lanes or sidewalks. If your pile cannot be safely picked up it will be left in place.

The schedule for pick-up is as follows:

Oct. 8th -12th

Areas north of 15th St. to the north city limits, paralleling Main to the east and west, including Animas City area. 

Oct. 15th -19th  

West side subdivisions, including Crestview, Needham, Rockridge, and Junction Street areas.  

Oct. 22rd -26th

East side subdivisions including Riverview, North College, Hillcrest and SkyRidge areas.  

 Oct. 29th -Nov. 2nd

Areas south of 15th St. and west of 9th Ave., including residential areas of Hwy 160 W and Hwy 160 E (Three Springs) located within the city limits 

A map showing the schedule for pick up is available online.

Urban foraging is encouraged during fall cleanup; leaves can be used as compost. Material collected by the City during Fall Cleanup will be chipped and given away to residents in the Spring of 2019.

For more information please call (970) 375-4839 or visit the City’s website.

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