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City of Durango News Flash

Posted on: March 13, 2018

Delivery of residential wildlife resistant containers begins

Starting Wednesday, March 14, 2018, the City of Durango will begin distribution of fully-automated wildlife resistant containers for Phase I of a two year capital improvement project. The Phase I area was identified through a four-year study conducted by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW.) During this study, bear activity was monitored throughout the city to determine areas that have very high bear activity and around 1,200 wildlife resistant trash containers were distributed in those areas. The study showed that distribution of bear-resistant containers resulted in 50% fewer conflicts.

During Phase I, the City will distribute fully-automated containers, which unlock automatically when turned upside down by the City’s trash truck and relock automatically upon set-down. Phase I will target the area identified by CPW as having the highest bear activity. This includes residences from 1st St to the South side of 7th St between East 2nd Avenue and East 9th Avenue.  More information about the CPW study, along with maps of the Phase I and II study areas can be found at www.durangogov.org/wildlife.

All residents that live within the Phase I study area will receive a new fully-automated wildlife resistant trash container; their current container will be removed. Residents who do not currently have a wildlife resistant container will see a new $4.00 monthly fee on their utility bill. This fee enables the City to recover the cost of the new containers over a four-year period to recoup the cost of the container, after which time the fee will be removed. The up-front cost of containers is covered by trash/recycle user fees under the Solid Waste Enterprise Fund.

Residents living within the Phase I study area who already pay $4.00/month for a semi-automated or manual wildlife resistant container will also have their container replaced and will see no change in their utility bill. Residents who have already paid for a wildlife resistant container in-full will not be charged again.

All residents within the Phase I area are asked to leave out their existing trash container beginning Wednesday, March 14 in order to allow City crews to carry out the swap. Crews will replace containers Monday – Friday beginning Wednesday, March 14. The estimated completion date for this project is May 4, 2018. 

Phase II of this project will take place in 2019. The treatment area for Phase II will be include residences Ella Vita Court north to the south side of Arroyo Drive, down Columbine Dr to West 23rd Street and west to Main Avenue. Distribution of containers will take place early spring of 2019. 

For more information about the anticipated roll out, please visit www.durangogov.org/wildlife or contact 970-375-5004.

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