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City of Durango News Flash

Posted on: August 4, 2017

Durango and Airbnb Launch Tax Deal

As of August 1st, Airbnb has started collecting and remitting the following city taxes in Durango:
• 3% Durango Sales Tax
• 2% Durango Lodging Tax

Under the new tax partnership, Airbnb will collect these hotel taxes on behalf of hosts and then remit that money directly to the City.

“We’re excited to announce this agreement with Airbnb. This partnership helps us grow our city’s revenue while promoting travel and tourism to the region. This tax deal is greatly beneficial for both parties involved,” said Julie Brown, the City of Durango Finance Director.

“Our Airbnb host community in Durango wants to pay their fair share of taxes and we want to help them. This partnership removes the burden of tax collection from the hosts and enables us to easily and directly remit the sales and lodging taxes to the city. We are excited to have the City of Durango join over 310 jurisdictions where we already have existing tax partnerships in place,” said Marisa Moret, Airbnb Public Policy Manager.

There are over 220 Airbnb hosts in Durango, Colorado, and the typical host earns $5,600 a year.

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