Parks & Recreation Contacts

 Parks and Recreation Administration 

Name and TitlePhone Number
Cathy Metz, Parks & Recreation Director(970) 375-7329
Alex Wilkinson, Community Events Supervisor(970) 375-7325
RaNae Bakel, Recreation Financial/Technical Coordinator(970) 375-7327
Joanne Gantt, Administrative Specialist(970) 375-7320
Joel Kraus, Administrative Assistant II(970) 375-7321

Parks Division 

Name and TitlePhone Number
Scott McClain, Assistant Parks Director (970) 375-7322
Scott Chism, Landscape Architect(970) 375-7385
Lee Petty, Landscape Architect(970) 375-7386
Faustine Tucson, Crew Leader(970) 375-7380
Greg Sykes, City Arborist/Crew Leader(970) 375-7383
Robert Talamante, Cemetery Sexton(970) 375-7382

Natural Resources 

Name and TitlePhone Number
Amy Schwarzbach, Natural Resources Manager(970) 375-7388
Sara Humphrey, Parks, Open Space & Trails Crew Leader(970) 375-7384
Evan Buchanan, Lake Nighthorse Operations Supervisor(970) 375-7335
Michael MacLean, Equipment Operator(970) 375-7335

Recreation Division 

Name and TitlePhone Number
 Kelli Jaycox, Assistant Recreation Director(970) 375-7305
 Kelsey Bryantt, Recreation Supervisor, Adult/Teen(970) 375-7324
 Mike Kelly, Recreation Supervisor, Youth(970) 375-7331
 Matt Morrissey, Recreation Supervisor, Chapman Hill(970) 375-7396
 CJ Fuss, Recreation Assistant III, Chapman Hill(970) 375-7395
 Stephanie Malhmood, Gymnastics, Mason Center(970) 375-7390
 Mackinsey Allen, Recreation Assistant II Gymnastics(970) 375-7390
 Holden Randle, Recreation Supervisor - Childcare & Special Events(970) 375-7317

Durango Community Recreation Center

Name and TitlePhone Number
John Robinette, Recreation Center Manager(970) 375-7323
 Ann Camp, Facility Operations Supervisor(970) 375-7313
 Chris Tasevoli, Facility Maintenance Supervisor(970) 375-7307
 Kimberly Ebner, Recreation Supervisor, Aquatics(970) 375-7310
 Sean Willis, Recreation Assistant II, Aquatics(970) 375-7312


Michael MacLean, Equipment